UT Staff Council Officers and Committees

Elected Officers 2020

Title 2020-2021
Chair Rainbow Di Benedetto
Vice Chair Rhonda Cox
Recording Secretary Amy Armstrong
Parliamentarian Courtney Land Harris

Executive Committee

The membership of the Executive Committee consists of the elected officers of the UTSC and each of the committee chairs. Information about each committee is below. Standing committees are those that are part of our bylaws and Annual committees are created each year as the interests of the Staff Council Representatives changes.

Title 2020-2021
Chair Rainbow Di Benedetto
Vice Chair Rhonda Cox
Recording Secretary Amy Armstrong
Parliamentarian Courtney Land Harris
Co-Chairs of Benefits Bobby Knight and Ann Sellers
Chair of Communication Marc Speir
Co-Chairs of Diversity and Inclusion Ariel Brown and Phoebe Greene
Co-Chairs of Health and Wellness Beth Busse and Kelli Kent
Chair of Issues and Research Christie Hodge
Co-Chairs of Professional Development Stacie Cooks and Eda Matthews
Co-Chairs of Staff Council Operations Rhonda Cox and Rachel Cohen-Ford and Courtney Land Harris
Chair of Sustainability William (Billy) O’Leary

The program coordinator for UT Staff Council is Elizabeth Schaub at 512-471-6425.

Standing Committees

Standing committees are part of our bylaws and have projects every year


Purpose: Solidify the role of communication within Staff Council, review and enhance Staff Council's branding, digital video assets including print, photography, video, graphics, websites and social media profiles. Raise the profile of Staff and Staff Council; projects may include reorganizing and updating the UTSC website and could range to organizing a “staff organizations” luncheon.

Diversity and Inclusion

Purpose: Promote diversity and inclusion education at all levels to ensure a welcoming and inclusive campus climate and to provide all staff with a voice and the opportunity to be heard.

Health and Wellness

Purpose: Initiate and support projects that increase staff access to, and awareness of, health and wellness programs on campus; projects may include returning Weight Watchers to campus, creating a payroll deduction for GetFIT, and researching subsidized rates for Rec Sports memberships.

Issues and Research

Purpose: Research issues submitted to Staff Council, resolve them if we can, and delegate them to another committee as appropriate.

Professional Development

Purpose: Offer professional development opportunities to Staff Council Reps and campus at-large; projects may include managing PD grants, scheduling professional development opportunities for campus, promoting and clarifying the Staff Ed benefit, and creating a mentorship program.


Purpose: Initiate and support sustainability projects that benefit UT staff and the entire UT community.

Annual Committees

Annual committees are formed each year as the need arises.


Purpose: Promote awareness of various benefits available to UT staff. Advocate for changes in parking policies that impact staff; projects may include Retention study/report, developing a “one stop shop” for UT perks, promoting flexible work options.

Staff Council Operations

Purpose: Increase efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of UT Staff Council by:

  • Identifying and contributing toward areas of continuous improvement;
  • Ensuring reps, committee members, committee chairs, and officers have access to the training and resources needed to be effective in their work;
  • Identifying, sharing, and/or creating resources for UTSC, such as training, onboarding resources, standard operating procedures, and best practices; 
  • Completing a bi-annual review of the UTSC Bylaws.