UT Staff Council Officers and Committees

Elected Officers 2022-2023

Title 2022-2022
Chair Todd Lawrence
Vice Chair Ann Sellers
Secretary Dory Thompson
Parliamentarian Katelyn Christensen


Executive Committee

The membership of the Executive Committee consists of UTSC's elected officers and each committee's chair/co-chairs.

UT Staff Council Program Coordinator Elizabeth Schaub serves as an ex officio member on all UTSC committees and the Executive Committee.

Title 2022-2023
Chair Todd Lawrence
Vice Chair Ann Sellers
Secretary Dory Thompson
Parliamentarian Katelyn Christiansen
Chair of Benefits TBD
Chair of Communication TBD
Chair of Diversity and Inclusion TBD
Chair of Health and Wellness Greg Cumpton
Chair of Issues and Research Casey Sloan
Chair of Professional Development Jeffrey Kick
Co-Chairs of Sustainability Theresa Claiborne and Mark Featherston
UT Austin's UT System Employee Advisory Council member/s (ex officio)  Sandra Catlett

Standing Committees

UT Staff Council Bylaws mandate the following Standing Committees. The Annual Report to the President details committee work over the course of the term.


Purpose: Support and advocate for initiatives and projects that result in a positive outcome for constituents related to the benefits afforded to them as university employees.


Purpose: Amplify Staff Council's work and opportunities for constituent engagement. Highlight messaging from campus partners via Staff Council's social media channels and its website.

Diversity and Inclusion

Purpose: Engage with campus partners to work towards a diverse and inclusive campus climate.

Health and Wellness

Purpose: Support and advocate for initiatives and projects that increase staff access to, and awareness of, health and wellness programs and benefits.

Issues and Research

Purpose: Address issues submitted to Staff Council, researching and delegating issues as appropriate.

Professional Development

Purpose: Support and advocate for initiatives and projects related to professional development. The annual Professional Development Grant Program falls within the committee's purview.


Purpose: Support and advocate for initiatives and projects that support sustainability efforts benefiting the entire university community.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc committees are appointed by the Executive Committee as the need arises.


Purpose: Draft Standard Operating Procedures to complement updated draft Bylaws and align associated information found on the UTSC wiki.

District and Job Profile Analysis

Purpose: Review composition of current UTSC districts and, if needed, make recommendations for updates. Assess Workday job profiles and, if needed, make recommendations to update constituent job profile eligibility.