UTSC Accomplishments

UT Staff Council Accomplishments

UTSC accomplished all of these by connecting different groups on campus and by maintaining a partnership with the President and all of campus leadership. If you want to be a part of bringing more benefits like these to staff, then UTSC is for you.

UTSC also works with campus leadership to provide advice as well as staff interests, concerns, and issues. We provide nominations to University-wide committees; UTSC reps are often first considered. If you want to learn about campus-wide initiatives and get the opportunity to act as a staff ambassador to those making the decisions, then UTSC is for you.

Certain contentious issues are beyond UTSC’s influence. Staff salaries are a function of the Univeristy’s budget, which is determined by the Texas legislature. UTSC can’t lobby the legislature, per Title 5, Chapter 556 of the Texas government code.