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UT Staff Council (UTSC) improves conditions for staff and the University as a whole by linking different departments, business units, and individuals together to complete a common goal. We maintain a cooperative and collaborative relationship with campus leadership and are not a labor union.

UTSC Representative district seat elections are held once a year in the spring. A full-term is two years, beginning in May.

Expected Duties of Staff Council Representatives

Meeting Attendance

UTSC General Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday. Representatives are expected to attend.

Representing Your District

Communicate with your district’s constituents in person or via email. Send them the UTSC monthly meeting summaries, resolutions, and and ask them for feedback. Bring their questions and concerns to general meetings or to a committee chair.

Committee Work

You will join a UTSC committee, meeting as needed to work on a year-long project, culminating in a report to the UT President. It may require independent research, additional meetings, and/or negotiations.

The President has allocated “at least four hours a month” for UTSC work, which should be enough for most UTSC business. Volunteering for a leadership role, such as a committee chair or a representative on additional campus committees, may require more time. You may need to check with your supervisor before taking on additional duties beyond being a UTSC Representative.

Join Us!

If you or someone you know is a good fit for UTSC, please nominate them or nominate yourself when nominations open. Elections are held in April; contact us with questions.

General Responsibilities

  • Represent your district by attending monthly meetings, communicating with your constituents, bringing their concerns to Staff Council, and contributing to committee work
  • Contribute approximately four hours of work time each month to Staff Council, as approved by University leadership and referenced in Staff Council’s Standard Operating Procedures
  • Review and abide by Staff Council’s Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Keep your supervisor informed of your work on the Staff Council and its committees
  • Report any Clery Act violations that you become aware of


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