UT Staff Council

2018 Staff Council Representatives

The UT Staff Council is a collective voice for classified administrative and professional workers. We support a variety of activities and initiatives to improve the quality of life and effectiveness of the university’s dedicated and valuable staff. It’s never too late to get involved!

Our Core Values

Staff Council believes in a set of core values that help us, as your elected representatives, decide what projects to work on, how to communicate with stakeholders, and build and maintain trust within the community.


  • Serving staff by representing their best interests to the university community
  • Fostering a pathway of communication between upper administration and our constituents
  • Seeking diversity in membership, perspectives, and ideas when representing staff culture


  • Creating a sense of community by forging effective partnerships with campus stakeholders
  • Executing projects that are valuable to the organization


  • Maintaining honest and transparent communications and processes
  • Remaining accountable to ourselves and to our constituents by holding open meetings and publicizing our decisions
  • Intentionally sharing unbiased information with our stakeholders

Our core values are more than just words on a page; they’re the way we do business. They are the way we ACT on behalf of the staff at The University of Texas at Austin.

President’s Message for Staff Council

“The staff of UT Austin enables the university to carry out its mission, helping us put our goals into action. Across the university, more than 16,000 dedicated professionals support our students and faculty and keep the buildings and grounds in top condition and safe. The staff builds information systems and networks essential for all our work, including running the finances of a multibillion-dollar organization. UT’s staff ensures that our operations are efficient and effective to support the critical functions underpinning our teaching, research, and service to society. In short, you the staff make the university run.

As the elected representatives of staff, the Staff Council plays a crucial role in giving voice to this large and diverse group of professionals. The Staff Council is a tremendous resource for me as president, and I appreciate the leadership shown by its members and the hard work that goes into this valuable form of service. On behalf of the whole university, thank you for what you do to make The University of Texas at Austin a better place.”

Gregory L. Fenves, President
The University of Texas at Austin