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Representatives to the Staff Council are nominated and elected from approximately 70 Staff Council districts. These districts follow the general UT Austin organizational structure, first by Vice-President portfolio, then by Dean. The districts are designed so there will be a Staff Council Representative for roughly every 100 employees.

Eligible staff members within each district nominate and vote for the Staff Council Representative(s) from their district. All Staff Council Representatives serve 2-year terms. Odd-numbered districts elect representatives in odd-numbered years, and even districts in even years. In districts with multiple representatives, the final decimal numbers indicate election years (i.e. the representative for district 160.1 is elected in odd years, 160.2 in even years).

The Staff Council members serve on internal standing, working, and ad hoc committees, and annually elect officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Recorder/Secretary, and Parliamentarian) and committee chairs.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the UT Austin Staff Council serve as the campus representatives to the UT System Employee Advisory Council.

Please see the UT Staff Council Bylaws (pdf) for more details on committees and the Council’s structure.