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Why Join?

UT Staff Council (UTSC) gives a voice for staff in decisions that impact our campus community. Many of our representatives sit on a variety of campus-wide committees and speak with the university’s executive leadership regularly. We help improve the University as a whole by linking different departments, business units, and individuals together to complete a common goal over the course of one or more years.

You have probably seen or used some of our achievements in your time at UT!

Key accomplishments

How we succeed

UTSC accomplishes their goals by connecting different groups on campus and by maintaining a partnership with the President and all of campus leadership. If you want to be a part of bringing more benefits like these to staff, then UTSC is for you.

UTSC also works with campus leadership to provide advice as well as to make them aware of staff interests, concerns, and issues.

However, certain issues are beyond UTSC’s influence. Staff salaries, as an example, are a function of the University’s budget, which is determined by the Texas legislature. UTSC can’t lobby the legislature, per Title 5, Chapter 556 of the Texas government code.

UTSC is not a union and do not participate in collective bargaining agreements. We strive for a cooperative and collaborative relationship with campus leadership.

Expected Duties

The President has allocated “at least four hours a month” for UTSC work and university leadership support staff being involved.  Depending on your level of involvement, you may need to talk with your supervisor before making additional time commitments.

A full “term” is two years and elections are held in April. However, some people join mid-term because they are filling a vacancy. Once you become as a representative, there are certain expectations:

Meeting Attendance

UTSC members meet monthly as a whole body. Generally those meetings are the third Thursday of each month from 2-3:30 PM. You are expected to attend in person or, on rare occasion, via webcast.

Representing Your District

Communicating with your district’s constituents in person or by email is a central function of your role on Staff Council. You will be expected to send them information that you feel is important, such as monthly meeting summaries, information about upcoming meetings, and proposed resolutions, and you will be expected to ask them for feedback.

Committee Work

Our group forms subcommittees each year and you will be expected to join one of the groups. These committees meet as needed to work on projects, culminating in a report to the UT President. It may require independent research, additional meetings, and/or negotiations.

In addition, many of our members also join campus-wide committees. This committee work is optional and may depend on your personal work situation as well as the support you receive from your supervisor. These committees give you the opportunity to get involved with issues you care about and meet people from all over campus.

Get Involved

Think you’re a good fit for UTSC? Then join us! You can