Who We Are

Goals & Purposes

Staff Council’s mission is to promote a positive, collaborative work environment via assessment, prioritization, and communication of staff needs. The purposes are many:

  • To serve as a representative advisory council
  • To provide a vehicle for communication of interests, concerns, and issues that affect staff
  • To present recommendations to University leadership
  • To provide nominations to University Standing Committees



The University of Texas Staff Council was developed in 2001 as the result of efforts by Human Resource Services (HRS), with widespread support from President Larry Faulkner and the University Leadership Council.

In a fall 2000 letter to university staff, HRS discussed the establishment of a Staff Council which, elected from across the campus, would represent the interests of all staff on a variety of workplace-related issues. The Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Kyle Cavanaugh, indicated that in his prior positions at Rice and Vanderbilt Universities, he had worked closely with staff councils to ensure communication between staff and the university.