September 2017 updates

Here’s a recap of some of the things that happened with Staff Council this month:


UTSC Core Values

At the July retreat, all 50+ Representatives brainstormed ideas and values that they felt represented Staff Council. There was a surprising amount of overlap that gave us about 20 items to work with. The Executive Committee then refined those into three core values: Advocacy, Collaboration, and Transparency. Those three values exemplify to me what Staff Council stands for and I find it extra fitting that they spell “ACT”. Committees will use these values to help them prioritize the work they tackle this year.


  • Serving staff by representing their best interests to the university community
  • Fostering a pathway of communication between upper administration and our constituents
  • Seeking diversity in membership, perspectives, and ideas when representing staff culture


  • Creating a sense of community by forging effective partnerships with campus stakeholders
  • Executing projects that are valuable to the organization


  • Maintaining honest and transparent communications and processes
  • Remaining accountable to ourselves and to our constituents by holding open meetings and publicizing our decisions
  • Intentionally sharing unbiased information with our stakeholders



Elections opened on Wednesday for districts who had more than one nominee. If you are in one of those districts, please be sure to vote by Friday, October 6. If you have questions, please contact Gordon at Once elections results are calculated, new representatives and their supervisors will be notified and our new Reps will join us for the October meeting. We will be scheduling an orientation soon as well.


Presidential Meet and Greet

The President’s Office offered us the opportunity to meet in small groups with President Fenves on September 25. Our representatives were able to chat with him in a more intimate setting and President Fenves was able to listen to the concerns we had on a more personal level. We even got a shout-out from him on Twitter!

President Fenves and some of the 2017 UTSC Representatives give the Hook 'Em sign

President Fenves pauses for a group photo after the meet and greet on September 25



Budget and Employee Engagement Survey updates

We really enjoyed having Mary Knight come speak to our group about the UT budget. It definitely gives us a better appreciation of the complexities of the budget, but it also lets us see the big picture of where our money comes from and where our money goes.

In addition, we loved the energy and realism that Noel Landuyt brought to the meeting when he spoke about the university-wide Employee Engagement Survey results. He also shared with us

You can review the September PowerPoint to learn more.




Looking forward


In October, we will have four guest speakers:

  • Jeff Stellmach on the Staff Emergency Fund
  • Alyssa Manse on Cvent, an event management tool used by some departments around campus
  • Frances Delacruz on UTLearn, the learning management system introduced to campus last year
  • Dana Cook on Workday, the HR system secheduled for a Fall 2018 release

In November, we will have:

  • Bobby Stone from PTS, who will give us an overview of how PTS is funded and to help us understand the new parking permit waitlist policy
  • Jeanne Farahnak will speak on Employee Advisory Council, which is similar to Staff Council but for all of UT System

Each month committee chairs will give updates on the progress their committees have made on their projects.


As always, if you have questions, concerns, or comments for me, you can email me at You can also reach out to your representative or use our Issues Form to submit issues to the Staff Council.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend,