Annual Enrollment – Beware Plan Changes!

Annual Enrollment is here, running through July 31. If you are anything like me you have ignored most of the emails reminding you, or you saw them, are confident you know what changes you need to make or that everything is staying the same, and you have moved on with your life.

If you think that might describe you, please take a moment and look through those emails. And, especially, read this:

It may or may not affect the choices you make, but there are changes you should be aware of, for example premium rate increases, and changes to what you will owe on visits to the emergency room. During this annual enrollment period employees also have the opportunity to elect disability coverage without Evidence of Insurability, physical therapy is now covered with a specialist copay, and flex pay admin fees have been eliminated.

There are other changes you will notice on your September paycheck, such as an increase in the percentage of your income withheld by TRS (per the Texas Legislature). Now is the time to become familiar with changes you cannot avoid and opportunities you had not foreseen.

Contact your HR Rep if you have questions.